Sharing Farmbot IoT Data and Videostream

Hi Farmbot Enthusiasts,

we are a small team of farmbot builders sitting in germany and netherlands and asking us,
if anybody wants to share their farmbot live growing pictures and video streams as well as IoT/soil data.

We have currently set up a cam and will stream it into our Farmbot Network App using the Farmbot API.

Who wants to join and share its video stream URL or IoT Data with us ?

Happy farming,

I have a farmbot in my living room and a nest video camera. I am still got a lot to do but would enjoy sharing. I have gone through reconfiguring my win 10 terminal … defrag, check disk, etc and sped up my IO. I will try to include a word attachment of several screen shots. Using the task manager I see that I have improved my thru put on my 384 kbs line and my c:\ drive IO.


Trying to speed up cpu.

speeding up Pc terminal.docx (89.2 KB)

Hi Al

Great. As soon you have a running stream URL which is public please share. We are also getting the IoT data from Farmbot via the API. So if you want you can connect to our network as well. Would be fun to collaborate.

Happy Farming