Stepper driver change for no-noise bot


Hoi zäme,

I just got the tip from @Ascend to change the stepper drivers to TMC2208 ones and this works perfectly, thanks again @Ascend. I can recommend this to everyone who likes to have a no-noise farmbot. This is such a drastic change, I would even recommend to ship them with the farmbot @roryaronson @Gabriel. I cannot even hear the bot anymore :slight_smile:

The drivers are availble for the same price as the old ones if this is correctly displayed in the farmbot BOM with 30$ for all 4


February 13th, 2019 Update

Quick question @Gabriel: When I would like to enter the encoder scaling for currently set 1/8 steps I would need to insert Encoder scaling = 10000 x motor resolution x microsteps / encoder resolution = 10.000 x 200 x 8 /360 = 44444,4. When I try the webinterface says that max. is 32000, would you be able to adjust this in an upcoming update?


That sounds great, thanks for sharing. I’ve increased the encoder scaling limit, so it should be possible with the next FarmBot OS release.


The increased limit should now be available (in FarmBot OS v7.0.1).