The corner of the French


Hello to all…

I’m Nancy France and I am looking for a FarmBotteur

History did not start in a vacuum.

My project is personal to a commercial operation and educational history of put a little butter in the spinach.

Rather turned on the manufacture and use of programming.

Sorry for my bad English.

French manufacturer/resellers

Hi !
I think in the “French Corner” we should have right to use French language :smile:
And I actually think non-French people cannot understand “put butter in the spinach” :wink:

Je m’intéresse également au projet, je vie dans la région Centre.

Je n’ai pas acheter de kit, je pense essayer de construire mon robot par moi même.
Je suis pour le moment encore en phase d’avant-projet (pas de dépenses engagées encore pour le moment). Mais déjà les approvisionnements en France du matériel ne semble pas être vraiment évident …
Je pense me tourner vers TronixMaker en Belgique pour la plupart du matériel …

Où en es tu dans ton projet ?



I believe that the use of English is easier on the site for everyone

I use translator.

For what is my project, it is in the Court of reflection.
Material costing and feasibility.

I think I’ll order this weekend a small 3D printer and a Raspberry Pi to me concretely on these applications technology Insider and diverted it to a small lab with.
To confirm if I can control the object. And the continuation of the project which is not that of implant in my garden but to develop my knowledge personal and if possible to boil the pot “still an expression that will pose a problem of understanding”

You’re in the center of the France? What city?


@ François

I just found this site in France.
It is a neighbour to you?

An intermediary and more, to see little being.:violin:


I’m in Châteauroux.

I have seen the Vslot website but it seems it’s not a shop, just a single man that work at home.

For the moment I can’t trust this website, it’s the reason I chose the Belgians.



I feel it’s not really better.

Small business which is certainly earnest, and not too far away.

But for now, I’m exploring another source which is further seen that I plan to purchase several FarmBot and service that goes with it.
Well Yes service… :yum:

The construction of the FarmBot is the production of a tool.
The real challenge is what will you it is really…

Because apart from the control on the side of the Technique of robotics, the adventure is not profitable “economically” for simple food production.
But there is a possibility of development of other service which may be combined in parallel.
I think we’re more on this vision in a different orientation according to the sensitivity of each.


A Caen,
On va en fabriquer 2 ! achats débutés chez V-Slot



V - Slot Europe in France?
What use do you have planned?

Educational, leisure, personal research?


Yes V-slot in france, Educational use


Salut tout le monde @HDMaico, @Kelu28, @francoois, @arjunb, @roopali8, @bangkury,

We have just launched our Farmbot Kits for order, and we can also ship to France (free delivery).
You can check our website to have a look and leave feedback.

If you are interested, let me know, i will be more than pleased to help you guys.

Thank you.


Good idea.
We have already started to buy parts. You sell only complet kit? or can we buy to you Nema+encoder only?


Hi @Kelu28

As you can see on our website, we are more focus on the complete kit at the moment.
Feel free to reach me at




Je suis du Sud aussi (Lançon Provence) :slight_smile:

Iwould like to know how much did it cost for you to get all the fourniture without buying a kit?



For the cost of the purchase of supplies, depends greatly on your provider and the volume of coins that you buy.
I’m on the subject, but nothing yet clear fact. :slight_smile:


J’ai reçu mon farmbot il y a 2 semaines et je peine un peu sur certains points sur le câblage. Je ne trouve pas le câble UTM dans mon pack. Rien qui ressemble à ce qu’il y a sur la photo
Quelqu’un a une idée ?


J’ai trouvé. Pas la peine de répondre


Forgive me, but I didn’t saw that you had posted here.

You’re from where? Pithiviers, Loiret France…

What Kit did you buy?

Vous m’excuserez, mais je n’avais pas vu que vous aviez posté ici.

Vous êtes d’où?

Quel Kit avez vous acheté ?


Je suis de Pithiviers dans le Loiret. J’ai acheté le Farmbot sur le site à 2.900$.
Et vous ?
Combien en existe-t-il en France ?


Salut @Pascal,

On vend nos kits a 2,250$. On en a deja vendu quelqu’uns en France notamment sur la region Parisienne et dans le sud de la France.


Hi everybody,

My name is Ghislain and I come from Donges (little town between Nantes and St Nazaire).
I’ve just discover Farmboat yesterday. I think it’s very great and maybe try to build one by my own (I have a 3D printer).

Thank you for your welcome and your feedback about your experiences, and taste of yours vegetables !