Time of operation of Farmbot

I’m going to buy Farmbot genesis soon. I’d like to know what is the entire time of operation of farmbot.
And the time required to sow seeds, water sprinkler, and weed removal.
Any help will be appreciated!

hi @BrownstreakedDevil
this is very relative, it depends a lot on you. What will be planted and the space used, and a good programming plan how to pick up and use safety tools.
One regime will hardly be the same as the other depends on the sequences that will be used in each planting.
All this is programmed by you in the sequence where the seeds will be planted, time of irrigation for each plant, weed checks everything depends on a good sequence that will result in a good working regime

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I agree with @VitorAffonso. For my setup, I spent a few weeks thinking through, designing, implementing and testing the basic operations that I think I’d need to have for the FarmWare. I also spend a couple of weeks figuring out what I’d like to plant based on how much time I could dedicate to figuring out the FarmBot while figuring out the plants (yield, spacing, water demands), while figuring out the weather…you get my point.

My best advice is to do start small, at least for the first year, as you’ll have your hands full. Choose a small number of crops and plant lots of them. Also, spend some time focusing on the basics before planting the first seed: grabbing and putting away tools, your water regiment, and calibrating your FarmBot. (take a look at these Farmwares: [FARMWARE] Mother’s Little Helper (MLH) and its inspiration [Farmware] Loop-Plants-With-Filters) Finally, the seed injector is a tricky beast (sometimes it’d pick up one seed, sometimes 3, and sometimes none). I’d recommend for your first round to have FarmBot visit each location, pause for a moment, and then you manually plant the seed.

Welcome to the club! Cheers!

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These two responses are good but I still have no idea how long a bot will run for each day. Can some one give a rough example of how long their bot is active doing their tasks for the day? For example, I have a bed full of lettuce, about 20 heads. For farmbot to water all (leave out sowing since that isn’t a normal daily task) and do a weed check and finds 2 weeds that need exterminating, it would take 2 hours for farmbot to finish these tasks in our 5’ by 10’ bed.