Tip 4: Repeatable accuracy - upgrade your Farmduino

My next 3 tips will help improve accuracy on any type of bed so long as the x axis rails are fairly perpendicular.

Upgrading from the old Ramps board to the Farmduino was crucial to obtaining the goal of repeatable accuracy.

In the early days I stuffed around with adding end stops to the Ramps board for various reasons but I didn’t see much of a difference accuracy wise. I still think there could be a part to play for end stops with the Farmbot for smoother start and stop movements but you can get repeatable accuracy without them.

But… when I upgraded from Ramps to the Farmduino 1.4 I experienced a huge improvement probably because of software upgrades and the newly added STM32 co-processor.

The Farmduino is going from strength to strength below is a roundup of what you can expect from v1.5:

So I highly recommend upgrading your Farmduino to the latest version.