Tip 6: Repeatable accuracy - home, home on the range

Many of you will know this one and the new Fambot Express and Genesis 1.5 I think is built with this in mind with the seed tray installed on the gantry.

When you build your Farmbot think about where you should put your tool tray in order to maximize use of the home function.

My current setup is; seed tray in the x and y home position so whenever I pick up a seed I just home on those two axis.

My other tools are at the home position on the x axis so I’m “homing in” on the longest axis when I pick them up and put them back.

The express and 1.5 (I think) allows you to home on the Y axis when picking up seeds so make sure the seed tray is installed on the correct side of the gantry. On these Farmbots maybe put the tool you pick up and put back the most on the x, y home position. The other tools should be homed to the x position.

Homing allows the Farmbot to count the number of steps to home, so it kind of recalibrates every time you home an axis. This definately helps maintain repeatable accuracy.

If you are worried about speed don’t be, the steppers only need to move at growing speed :wink: