UTM Pin connectivity issues

Hello, I recently restored a five-year-old Farmbot Genesis XL v1.4 that hadn’t been maintained or touched. I have the whole thing running, the water working, and the bot is moving around, working fine. But whenever I try to mount a tool, it seems to think that working is an option. Half the time it reads the pin, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve pushed the rubber collet over the cables that connect the eight and six-pin connectors to the UTM, but it seems to keep slipping. I’ve even fed more cable through the gantry wire protector, but whenever the farmbot runs along the Y axis, it pulls it loose again. Does anyone have a solution to this? Or am I just missing something?


Would you be able to create a video of your mounting process and zoom in to the Universal Tool Mount? We would need to see exactly what is happening to your FarmBot.

Alternatively, you can 3D print the hard mounted watering nozzle:

This watering nozzle would negate the need to mount and dismount tools.


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Hello Marc,
Thank you for your suggestion. Our problem was negated when we applied a lock over the UTM pin cables, to keep them seated in the 6 and 8-pin connectors on the UTM. Initially, the main problem was when we attempted basic manoeuvres such as tool mounting and unmounting, and we kept getting null values despite the tool being attached to the UTM. But the cover for the cables kept being pulled out whenever the farmbot retracted the Z axis to home. Thank you for your quick support, and your contributions to the community.
Screenshot 2023-11-27 5.27.29 PM

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