Version 1.1 or 1.0?

I’m a maker looking to build a DIY Farmbot in the next 3 to 6 months and I’d like to know whether I should wait for version 1.1 to be released or start gathering parts for 1.0. Does anyone know roughly when 1.1 will be released or what sort of parts changes from 1.0 are likely?

I believe v. 1.1 has been released hasn’t it? One change I was informed of in a forum message from Rory was the change to three stepper motors total and the elimination of the driveshaft to simplify the process of widening the gantry’s track.
The CAD drawings for 1.1 are linked to here: FarmBot, Meet Onshape

I saw more about it on the blog on the 12th…

There are a LOT of changes coming in v1.1, though most are related to readying the parts for mass manufacturing. As @hadavis mentioned, a big change is adding an additional motor (four motors total) and removing the gantry drive shaft. There are also many small improvements to the design to make it more rigid and easier to assemble.

v1.0 is a great device, so if you want to get started now rather than later, I’d say go for it now. But if you’re going to take your time with it and aren’t in a rush, I would wait.

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