Web App Logon Issues

I am currently setting up a Farmbot for someone I know. Two weeks ago I was using their login info to get into the app. It worked perfectly. Now, the app will not let me login. It tells me “Verify account first”. The owner of the account has not changed his password or anything. We tried to verify his account, but have received no email about a re-verification process and I cannot find anyway to verify the account. Is this due to a bug in the new web app update? How can I login again? Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know about the issue. We’re working on providing a way to resend the verification email in case the first verification email was lost. I’ll add instructions here once the new feature is implemented.

me also i can t not login i try for 2 days thanks

Having the same problem, first noticed it about two weeks ago, any ETA on when this will be fixed. I stuck at this point!

A feature to resend the verification email has been included in today’s software update. Try logging in again, and you should see a button to resend the verification email. If you don’t see it in your inbox after a few minutes, check your spam folder.