Weeding: A manual process?


Aloha Folks,

With a newly assembled Farmbot I am now learning the software side of things. I am at the moment learning how to weed and from what I can tell, it seems to be a fully manual process. The way I see it is as follows:

After creating creating a sequence that scans for weeds:

  • Run weed scan sequence.
  • If weeds are detected, create and run a sequence to destroy each weed.
  • Clear weed points.
  • Repeat until no weeds are detected.

If this is more or less the process for weeding then it would seem a very time consuming task with the only benefit being the ability to do it remotely.

Can anyone confirm that this is the current process for weeding? Have I missed something?


Thats right, there is not a fully automatic process officially developed yet. The community made a few helpful scripts called ‘Farmwares’. With those farmwares you can make it almost completely automatic. Just search for @etcipnja’s Mother’s little helper.

If this farmware is correctly set up, it can trigger a sequence that scans for weeds, moves to each weed point, triggers another sequence that destroys the weed, and repeats until all weeds are done.
I think it can’t clear weed points yet, maybe it will be added later.

Btw: You can use this MLH farmware also for watering :slight_smile: