Weeding: A manual process?

Aloha Folks,

With a newly assembled Farmbot I am now learning the software side of things. I am at the moment learning how to weed and from what I can tell, it seems to be a fully manual process. The way I see it is as follows:

After creating creating a sequence that scans for weeds:

  • Run weed scan sequence.
  • If weeds are detected, create and run a sequence to destroy each weed.
  • Clear weed points.
  • Repeat until no weeds are detected.

If this is more or less the process for weeding then it would seem a very time consuming task with the only benefit being the ability to do it remotely.

Can anyone confirm that this is the current process for weeding? Have I missed something?

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Thats right, there is not a fully automatic process officially developed yet. The community made a few helpful scripts called ‘Farmwares’. With those farmwares you can make it almost completely automatic. Just search for @etcipnja’s Mother’s little helper.

If this farmware is correctly set up, it can trigger a sequence that scans for weeds, moves to each weed point, triggers another sequence that destroys the weed, and repeats until all weeds are done.
I think it can’t clear weed points yet, maybe it will be added later.

Btw: You can use this MLH farmware also for watering :slight_smile:


@ascend how can you load location points of detected weeds dynamically / e g in mlh?

Hey FarmBot fans,

In the very near future we will release the Variables feature into FarmBot OS and it will be much easier to automate the weeding process.

The Variables feature will allow for a “Water All” and “Weed bed” feature where weeding will be done throughout the bed. Stay tuned for this amazing update!


Is there an example for Weed Bed ?

I have not had any weeds in my FarmBot planter yet this season. So, I have not used weed detection.