Weird X-axis issue

I’ve noticed a weird X-axis issue that seems to have started a few days ago. The bot works fine during my sequence but then when I send it back home, it seems to stall (but doesn’t record a stall) and then the axis keeps counting in the negative direction until it times out. In order to fix, I have to set the FarmBot not to stop at home and then manually move the FarmBot back to home with the controls and then set X to zero and then it’s OK. Is this a bug?

@stre1026 We just did a re-write of the firmware handler (currently in “beta”, will be released this month).

If you did find a bug in the firmware handler, there is a high chance the issue was fixed in v14.

Can you try out FBOS v14 beta to see if the problem goes away? Several firmware handler bugs were fixed in this version. We’ve already seen a couple bug reports get fixed by merely upgrading to the v14 beta.

@RickCarlino - wow! This seems to have fixed it. I just ran 4 sequences in succession and every one completed without an issue. As a general observation, the bot seems to move around better too. Not sure if you changed anything that would make it do that or if it’s just me being optimistic but I think you’re on to something good here with this beta.


@RickCarlino - I should also note that I noticed a bunch of “Retrying movement” notices in the logs and it also appears the bot rebooted randomly as well but I can’t seem to find those events in the logs. They have seemed to disappear. Maybe you can see them on your end.

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Glad it’s working @stre1026 . We appreciate bug reports. Please let me know if the problem comes back and I can take a deeper look.

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