What are the XYZ inputs for on location variables?

I made a sequence that adds variance between each 25 mL shot of water, and as I was editing the Farm Event I noticed the location variable has XYZ fields with no tooltip set to 0 by default.

What are these fields used for? If I had to guess, it would be offset?

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Looks like those are input boxes for coordinates of a single location (custom coordinates).
I might have found a way to reproduce this faulty behavior:

  1. Create a new FarmEvent using a sequence that uses a location variable with coordinates as the default value.

  2. Select the group with locations (plants, points etc.). Everything works as expected so far, no input boxes.

  3. Open the dropdown menu and select the same sequence or another sequence with coordinates as default value.

  4. Input boxes appear even when there is already a group chosen.

So if it happened the same way in your case, this is obviously a bug in the webapp.


It happened the same way: I changed my sequence from “Water 1000 mL” to “Water 1000 mL with variance”.

Thanks for finding the reproduction, it did not occur to me that these boxes showed up on the second sequence only.


A fix has been deployed to production, please let us know if you require further assistance.