Add "Current Position" option to MOVE ABSOLUTE/IMPORT COORDINATES

It is not always true that the head is located in a known “safe” position/height. This makes starting any sequence dangerous because the head may got stuck in tool trays or in plants.

Introduce “Current Position” value to MOVE ABSOLUTE/IMPORT COORDINATES drop down. In this case we can first move the head to the safe height and only then start desired sequence.

This is an alternative solution for the following feature request

Thanks for the proposal. To help clarify, would this feature consist only of the do not move part of the linked feature request? I believe we already have that part clearly described in this feature request. Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding, otherwise I’d like to close this request to help others searching through open requests.

I think all 3 feature requests are asking about the same thing but suggesting different ways how to implement it

  1. Mine: -> add “Current position” to the list of available positions
  2. What I linked: -> allow to specify order of axis movement
  3. What you linked: -> allow to leave certain coordinates blank which to be interpreted as “Current Position”

I believe #1 and #3 are the simplest. I think #3 is a cleaner way to implement it.

Ok, thanks. Would a Move Relative sequence step work for your use case?

Yeah, I saw this question coming. Just did not want to put the explanation why it won’t work to avoid convoluting the discussion.

The main problem imho is that we shall not assume location of the head. Using Relative Move relies on it. It says “Move z axis 300 up”. I do not want to move up. I want to execute: “Move z axis to 450”. It may mean up or down depending of the current head position.

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Ok, I think I understand your proposal now. In your example, you would be moving the Z axis to an absolute coordinate, while wanting to not move the X and Y axes. With the way it is right now, if we added a Current Position to the dropdown, you would not be able to modify the absolute coordinates, only the offsets. So the ability to override an absolute coordinate would also be required.

Oh! You right! For some reason I thought that my solution allows me to move to an absolute coordinate on just one axis. I totally forgot that I can only specify offset and this effectively ruins the whole idea

Anyway, the problem is still there and it seems the most logical solution will be #3

Please feel free to delete this thread in order to not confuse other people

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