Axis move order

Allow to specify axis move order. When doing absolute movement, allow to specify, which axis should move first, second, third, do not move and default.
Like: selection 1st, 2nd, 3rd, n/a. All same numbers will move together.

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I was thinking of having a roof level

You chose the end position and a roof level
It moves to the roof level first, then to the xy location, then down to the z position

I second this idea. I think the problem is that if the head is located in “unfortunate” position - moving diagonally may cause it to get stuck in plants or obstacles (like the head holder tray). If the head first moves up to the “roof” and then to the destination - this would solve this problem.

Alternatively it would be cool to have a possibility to specify absolute move for one axis only. This way I would first go to the top Z coordinate - and then to the destination.

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You are right