Development of a new seeder attachment

Hey guys,

I’m currently working on developing a new design for the Genesis UTM seeder attachment. My motivation for this project is to shift the use of a FarmBot to working over a single bed to catering to a much larger garden; in essence operating as the ‘brain’ of a medium size community garden. The way I envision it would do this, with regard to the seeder attachment, is to focus it’s use to only sowing seeds. These seeds would be sown into a seed tray that would be fed underneath the FarmBot by a conveyor belt of sorts.

I’m currently working on design ideas for a seeder attachment specialised for this purpose. My thinking currently is that the seeder would have, for example, a linear line of 4 seed needles. It would pick up 4 seeds at once and sow them simultaneously into 4 different seed tray cells, increasing the speed and efficiency with which the seeds are sown. I’m aiming for the design to be completely compatible with the UTM, and primarily 3D printed, so that anyone with a Genesis and a 3D printer could make use of the design.

I think this is a promising project direction, if anyone has any criticism or ideas, please fire away!




Please keep us posted with your progress. We will be interested in knowing more about your design.

We had a team from Liberty University design a seeder pod tool that could take several seeds and plant them in succession. Their design is available on this thread.

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