How to find coordinates

Hi All,

I’m sure this is yet another easy question but how are you all finding the coordinates for things like the toolbays and manually planted plants? Do you manually move the gantry over it and read the coordinates or is there another easier way I’m missing? Is it just trial and error?

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If I am understanding your question correctly, you are looking for a way to input map locations. If I am misunderstanding the question, I am happy to clarify. Please let me know.


  • Your device has encoders (Genesis models)
  • You have disabled the “ALWAYS POWER MOTORS” setting

It is possible to determine the X/Y/Z by moving the tool mount by hand to the place you wish to specify.
If you own a model that does not have encoders, you will need to move to the desired location manually from the UI for initial setup.

Once you are in the desired location, you can click the “USE CURRENT LOCATION” button when creating a tool slot. We don’t have a “PLANT CROP AT CURRENT LOCATION” button yet, but it would be easy to add to the next release. Please let us know if you think this would be useful.

Another option for adding plants to the map in precise locations (other than the GRID PLANTING feature) is to move the tool mount directly above the plant and then click the tool mount on the map when you have the “ADD CROP” menu open.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FINE ADJUSTMENTS: Some users have mentioned that their garden is not perfectly flat, or that for some use cases the exact location of a slot/plant/point does not quite meet their needs. It is entirely possible to make temporary adjustments in these cases using the “OFFSET” property of the “MOVE TO” command. For example, if you don’t want to water your plant above/below a certain height. I’ve included a screenshot below.

Does this answer your question? Please let me know if it does or if you have suggestions that would make this process easier.


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Hey @RickCarlino,

It’s a Genisis XL 1.5 so I do have encoders. I will enable the use encoders for positioning. This does answer my question. I also do like that add plant option because I am going to be manually planting some tomato plants (at the end of the bed), and some other plants I bought from the store.

I’ve had such a frustrating time getting this thing setup. I believe a lot of it has to do with my bed not being perfectly level and the rail seams not perfectly flush. I am going to take the whole thing apart again and really make sure my bed is perfectly level. Then I bought a 11/64 drill bit which happens to be the exact size of the joining pins and I’m going to drill out the holes in the extrusions so the pins are a lot easier to install. No hammer required. This should help me get the rails perfectly level. I hope once I do all of this, I will have a much easier time getting the thing calibrated because I haven’t been able to get any of that done successfully as of yet. Hopefully I can get this working soon because my wife is getting sick of me spending all day outside while she’s inside dealing with our kids! :slight_smile:


@roryaronson should have some useful hints :slight_smile: for you !

Yes, . . which is weird for a machine targeted to work “in the outdoors” close to soil, moisture, pets, pests and vegetation !?

I wrote up some hints a while back the 3rd one deals with your problem.