Selectively toggle axes for move absolute commands

@mdingena mentioned in another thread:

I think this could be a nice feature that gives people even more control. My main concern though is implementing it in a way that doesn’t cause confusion and unintended results among the majority of users. ie: would having this feature be used often enough by enough people such that it’s utility outweighs the additional UI clutter and potential for confusion?

@mdingena how do you imagine this could be implemented? Checkboxes? An advanced options menu? Leaving the fields blank (no additional UI)?

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Add a checkbox to each input field, all pre-selected. Add some mouseover help text. Additionally, when the checkbox is unchecked, disable the input field (grayed out) to reinforce the idea.

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Let’s say your bot is at (0, 0, 0) and your watering tool is at (2750, 400, 525). You can import the tool’s coordinates, but for safety sake, you don’t want to lower the Z-axis during this move action, because it will ram your plants (similar to how the homing function does not move all axes at once, but first the Z-axis to protect your plants).

To use the import feature, you’d have to use Z-offset of -525 (and you must change this later if you ever decide to move the tool position, because the import does not remember your Z-offset).

What I’d rather do:

  1. Home
  2. Import watering tool location, ignoring Z position.
  3. Import watering tool location, ignoring X and Y position, with a Z-offset of -50.
  4. Import watering tool location, ignoring X and Y position, with a slow speed. Tool now actually mounts.
  5. Relative move (-150,0,0), sliding the tool out of the tool bay.
  6. Do stuff.

Step 3 may be a bit redundant, but I like it slow and steady around the tool bay.


The ability to move only the specified axes is available in FarmbotOS v11.