Take Photo / Camera Calibration fails

I use a Genesis 1.4 on OS 8.0.4.
I wanted finally to do my camera calibration today, before winter is coming…

But “Take Photo” always logs an error

Failed to execute command: {:normal, {GenServer, :call, [#PID<0.20642.4>, :process_rpc, 5000]}}

but then after some time the photo appears. But I always get this error in the log.

If I try to calibrate the camera, I get the same error, regardless if I press “Calibrate” or if I try to “scan” an existing photo, the error in the log is the same.

I remember I played around with this some OS versions before (maybe V 7?) and it worked.

Any ideas if this is a bug in OS V8? Anyone else having this problem?


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Interesting. I guess my problem documented at Sequence errors in the middle with "Failed to execute command" might be related to the camera operation.

I have exactly the same problem. When I press the take photo buttom, the error is appearing. Although in my case it also did not worked anymore in V7 from a certain moment…

@kas yes your problem looks similar

I have the same issue. When trying to take a photo, we recieve an error and the photo does not go through.

Since the new OS 9.2 this problem is solved for me. But now I have a new problem regarding calibration (opened a new thread for it: Camera calibration / weed detection doesnt keep settings)

Mark, Please see the response to the post.

We are actively working on this issue please bear with us while we continue to develop the weeding functionality in our software.