Take Photo / Camera Calibration fails

I use a Genesis 1.4 on OS 8.0.4.
I wanted finally to do my camera calibration today, before winter is coming…

But “Take Photo” always logs an error

Failed to execute command: {:normal, {GenServer, :call, [#PID<0.20642.4>, :process_rpc, 5000]}}

but then after some time the photo appears. But I always get this error in the log.

If I try to calibrate the camera, I get the same error, regardless if I press “Calibrate” or if I try to “scan” an existing photo, the error in the log is the same.

I remember I played around with this some OS versions before (maybe V 7?) and it worked.

Any ideas if this is a bug in OS V8? Anyone else having this problem?


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Interesting. I guess my problem documented at Sequence errors in the middle with "Failed to execute command" might be related to the camera operation.

I have exactly the same problem. When I press the take photo buttom, the error is appearing. Although in my case it also did not worked anymore in V7 from a certain moment…

@kas yes your problem looks similar

I have the same issue. When trying to take a photo, we recieve an error and the photo does not go through.