Using FarmbotOS beta updates



Please Only opt into beta updates if you are working with Farmbot Developers to report bugs. Beta updates are not intended for daily usage, and are mostly used for testing bug fixes and features.


When opting into a beta update, please be aware of the changes being made. The changelog will have information on what changes will be in the update.

If something doesn’t work properly please report the issue in this thread. Include as much information as possible. At least the following:

  • Current production version
  • Beta version
  • Beta commit SHA
  • What you expected to happen
  • What actually happened
  • Any relevant logs

If your bot rebooted/failed to boot please gather a log dump

Gathering a Log Dump

If your bot did not boot properly and you ended up in Configurator, there will be a dump of log files from the previous boot. Navigate to while connected to Configurator BEFORE trying to reconfigurate. This will give you a file called: “[VERSION]-[MD5SUM]-logs.sqlite3”. Do NOT post that file to this thread or any other thread. Either email it or private message it on the forum to one of the Farmbot developers.

Gathering Information at Runtime

There are other ways to gather information about Farmbot while it is running:

FTDI cable

Almost all development for FarmbotOS is done using one of these. You can purchase one here. This will allow you to connect a PC to FarmBot to see very verbose logs about what is happening internally to FarmBot.


As of the 6.4.10 beta release a debug SSH console was added. In the “Advanced Network Settings” menu during Configurator you will be able to add an SSH public key that you can connect with. See this document for usage.

Connect a monitor

This is the least useful, but can help in a crunch. The same logs are displayed on the HDMI port, although you won’t be able to scroll them, and you are stuck either copying them or taking a picture (preferred).

Opting in to Beta updates

Now that you’ve read the warnings and usage documentation, you are ready to actually opt into beta updates.

  • Click the FarmBotOS Version on the device panel.
  • Click the BETA RELEASE OPT-IN toggle
  • Agree to the warning.
  • Click UPDATE
    • You may need to wait up to 30 minutes for this to take affect.


Currently one may opt out of Beta updates, but not downgrade. This will likely change in the coming weeks, but for now you will either have to wait for the production version to be releases, or manually flash your sdcard.

Extra credit

If you want a release even more bleeding edge than what the beta release offers, you can follow this guide.

Calib Params for cam get lost after firmware update