Can "Stall detected on X axis" be due to wear'n'tear of the belts?

Trying to trouble-shoot said Stall detected on X axis problem and noticed that it mostly occurs in positions around which our X-axis belt has visible wear marks on its edges.

Our working hypothesis is currently that our assembly of Step 2: Feed the belts is sightly tilted, so that the belts are scratching against the gantry column exit at the top:

Apologies for the not-very-sharp pics, but I think it’s visible that the belt is much closer to the sharp aluminium edge, than at the bottom:

Could this be responsible for seemingly random, but increasingly frequent problems with moving back to home / x=0?

If so, we could look into adapting a Rail cap thingi with some kind of smoothed inlet for the belt, or straight-up replacing our belts.

Side note: One side’s belt seems to be worn down more, and we observed its wheel plate to sometimes jump 1 or 2 centimetres forward, as if it had been driving slower than its twin on the other rail, and was pushed back into a more parallel position by the gantry.

We take this observation as a slight confirmation of our hypothesis, but we’d greatly appreciate input from more seasoned users.

For now, we’re hesitant to try stronger Motor Current (currently 1000) or more Max Retries (than 3) settings, as to protect the belts. We’re also keeping an eye on similar discussions:

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